Journey Vikas Bharti Bishunpur


For the noble cause and the concept to serve the poor from hard to reach tribal and primitive areas four scholars named as Dr. Mahesh Sharma and Dr. Rakesh Popli alumini of IIT Kanpur , Dr. Rajneesh Arora and Sri Ashok Rai famously known as Sri Ashok Bhagat “Baba” an alumini of the Gorakhpur University together with utmost zeal had decided to accept the challenges and ready to serve the poor who were struggling hard to fetch their basic needs have reached the Bishunpur block of Gumla district of Jharkhand (then jointly Bihar) the area within the Neharhat Valley. While reaching the Bishunpur all the four scholars were shocked while going through the scenarios faced by the tribals there . They all were groved under backwardness and superstitious that leads the situation like lack of education, poor healthcare facilities, poverty , lack of awareness , etc. Thus after a comprehensive survey and situation analysis they inferred that issues like Education, Health, Poverty,Community Mobilization , Awareness and skill development are the needs to be focused for the development of tribals in the area. Thus have decided to establish an organisation that only have goal to serve the mankind and the poor. For such vision a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) named as Vikas Bharti Bishunpur came into existence on 14th January, 1983 under the society registration act-21, 1860 registered under the Bihar Government and again the organisation was registered under the Jharkhand Government in 2006 with it’s head office established at Bishunpur and Sri Ashok Bhagat was made it’s Secretary . Since from it’s inception Vikas Bharti Bishunpur is continuously serving for the all round development of the tribals and marginalised groups.