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Protection and welfare For Safeguarding the children and women from any kind of atrocities, abuses, tortures, and ensuring their safety, security and dignity are always on the priority list of Vikas Bharti Bishunpur since from its inception. The organisation is working to ensure not only their due rights and entitlements but also to make them capable of availing all the benefits of Government programmes and also to rehabilitate them through their positive participations.

A) Child Home Vikas Bharti, Bishunpur have started the Children’s home in the year 2013 with the purpose to rehabiliate these children and provide them safe environment and nurture them with education, health and their social development. Since from it’s inception child Home is rigorously working for the all round development of children and thus we are running the Child Home in Dumka, Sahebgunj and Gumla districts.

B) Nari Niketan Nari Niketan Gumla, is a scheme by the Women, Child Development and Social Security Department, Government of Jharkhand, in which women who are socially despised, helpless and abandoned, are to be provided with a part time residential house. This scheme is being run by Vikas Bharti in collaboration with District Welfare Department, Gumla in Gumla district. Here in the center women are provided with the facility of counseling, daily, legal and other facilities under various circumstances. Here in the centre vocational training for their economic independence, skill development training for personality development and life enrichment are conducted on regular basis. Vikas Bharti Bishunpur have started Nari Niketan in Gumla district of Jharkhand in the year 2016.

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C. Child Line, Gumla The Child line open platform is a program under which the correspondents of Vikas Bharti Bishunpur are visiting any of the school locating within the area and there they have to arrange awareness meeting with the children and share wth them the information about the Child Line along with information related to dial 1098. Here they insist and encourage the children to share their problems with them without any hesitation and also to provide the appropriate solution of the problem and the other related issues arises.

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Children Home

To rehabilitate girl children in need, care and protection, missing children, orphans, run away children and victims of trafficking, a Children Home named ‘Gyanashray’ having capacity of 50 bed has been established at Gumla in May 2013. The formal education, vocational and life skills and counseling facilities for children and their parents are the main activities of this centre. 40 children were discharged and restored in their family. 12 children are in formal schools between class 5th to 9th and 22 children are pursuing non-formal education, one is in pre-school education. Children are also getting facilities of dance, music, fine arts, exposure visits, story-telling, yoga, physical exercise etc. in moral education.

  • To provide suitable environment for the children to enjoy their childhood
  • To fulfill basic needs of children
  • To restore them in their family
  • Attach them to regular/NIOS Education
  • Rehabilitate them through proper placement
  • To provide Vocational Training

Naari Niketan, Gumla (for Protection and Rehabilitation of Women)

In order to provide rescue, relief and rehabilitation services to the needy women in distress and despair especially among the vulnerable communities due to victimization of any type of atrocity, violence etc, a women’s shelter named Naari Niketan was started by Vikas Bharti Bishunpur in Gumla District of Jharkhand in March 2016.

  • To provide primary need of shelter, food and clothing.
  • To provide emotional support and counseling.
  • To rehabilitate them socially and economically through education, awareness, skill upgradation and personality development through behavioral training etc.
  • To arrange specific clinical, legal and other support.
  • To provide helpline or other facilities


Under child protection scheme, Childline has been established at Ghaghra in 2014 in Gumla District. Its coverage area is Ghaghra, Bishunpur and Palkot blocks. Its main objective is to develop a Child friendly system to keep vigil and track the children who suffer from various forms of social abuses like trafficking, early marriage, victim of man-made or natural disasters, begging, engaged in hazardous jobs, drug addiction, drug peddling, domestic and social violence, rescue of bonded child labourers, etc. It is also rendering free legal aid, counseling. It helps in finding out missing children, identifying the culprits engaged in trafficking and also providing temporary shelter to the rescued children and rehabilitate them.

After Care Home, Dumka:

An Aftercare Home was set up by Vikas Bharti Bishunpur at Dhadhakiya, Dumka in March 2016 with the financial support of Social Welfare Department, Government of Jharkhand. Purpose of setting up of this Home was to provide aftercare to the children released/ discharged from Children’s Homes/Special Homes and/or those who have reached 18 years and above age. This has capacity to accommodate 50 children. This home assists the youths to resolve the critical problems in transitional phase of their lives and thereby enable them to shape their bright future.

  • To provide opportunity for rehabilitation of the children of 18-21 years age group
  • Academic Support
  • Vocational Training
  • Counseling support and Life Skill education
  • Sensitize communities for acceptance of these Children

Shaktiman Ashram (for Divyang)

Residential Center (Shaktiman Ashram) for Children with Special Needs:

This center is providing free Academic support, Vocational and Life Skill Training to the Divyang Children of Gumla, Lohardaga and Latehar district. The infrastructure of this center is Divyang friendly and it promotes inclusive education for overall development of the children. Children of this center are also enrolled in the formal schools